Sunday, June 03, 2007


The 40th anniversary Mosaic featured 21 pavilions. All were a combination of performance, food, souvenir-hawking, food, and displays of cultural information or memorabilia. And food.

They range in size from the quite small (school gym) to hockey arena-encompassing.
Most of my pictures didn't turn out, sadly, because there was simply too much motion in the performances.

Caribbean pavilion

The Caribbean pavilion was huge, and the show I caught was a lengthy, high-energy fire eating/twirling/dancing performance.

Chinese pavilion:

The Chinese pavilion had one of the better cultural displays.

Filipino pavilion:

I had difficulting finding a non-shopping, non-food picture at the Philippine pavilion, and worst of all, no Mango Milkshakes this year!

Ukrainian pavilion:

They came from far and wide (in this case Manitoba), to join the festivities.

Italian pavilion:
The Italian pavilion featured dancing, and a pair of young lads doing a cover version of Joe Dolce's Shaddup You Face.

The Irish pavilion ended the last night with a hard-fiddlin' rock show that brought a crowd of revelers up onto stage with the screaming, punkish band. Much fun was had.

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