Monday, May 21, 2007

Culture of fear or video games

As I took the bike tour across Regina on a beautiful sunny day, I couldn't help but notice the complete absence of children playing outdoors. I wondered - Is it the concerns of today's paranoid parent (I've been one of those) or the video game alternative to outdoor activity that accounts for their absence?

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Squirrel said...

I live in a village where everyone is outside walking around a great deal, so it was very weird when I visited relatives on the Ohio/Michigan border one summer and saw NO ONE, day after day except people getting in and out of cars, or driving past me. ... I rode a bucycle around and my relatives live in a huge housing estate with parks and beautiful yards (cared for by hired helpers) You never saw anyone in their yard, no kids playing on the swingsets! the parks were empty day after day. People thought I was insane to want a walk a mile into town. I did, and never saw another pedestrian. It was a real "car" town and all the kids were in their rooms with computers.
This was real culture shock--All of our local parks are busy every day-- and walking to town means passing and saying hello to many other walkers.
How could the suburbs of NYC be so different than the suburbs in Ohio?