Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Goodbye Esso

This is the third Esso to close in my neighbourhood.


Louise Starkey said...

Enjoying your photos!
Why are the petrol stations closing? (this may be a stupid question).

Anonymous said...

Well, about ten years ago two of the bigger companies (Esso, Petro-Canada) bought out two others (Texaco, Gulf). There were some closings due to gas stations being right across the street from each other, or very close. The latest round is probably because the locations weren't as profitable as others. Out of the 4 Essos that were within 3 miles of where I live, one remains.

There are still other gas stations in the area, of course, but they're only located near the busiest intersections and shopping centers. There's nothing in the neighbourhood, or within walking distance if we want to fill the kids' bike tires for example.